“And my God shall supply all your needs according to 
His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” 
Philippians 4:19

Missionary Supply Network Is Now Emmanuel's Hammer

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Introducing Operation Dallas:

Meet Dallas and her grandmother Susan Chapman from Liberty, SC.


Dallas is eight years old. When she was four she fell into a swimming pool, drowned and was resuscitated. Unfortunately, due to lack of oxygen, the accident left her with severe brain damage. She requires 24 hour care which includes being fed through a tube attached to her stomach. Her dad is in prison and her mom was declared unable to care for Dallas and her two younger brothers. Fortunately, her grandmother, Susan, fought hard to obtain custody of the three children.

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Operation Thomas: Mission Accomplished


Meet Gary & Joanne Thomas. They are in their mid-sixties and live in Beech Island, SC, outside Augusta, Ga. They are both disabled. Their residence consisted of two 42 year old single wide mobile homes that have been joined with a common roof. Since Gary’s brain aneurism in 2002 he has not been physically able to maintain the property. Joanne suffers from COPD, lymphedema,  lipedema, fibromyalgia, hypertension and is hypoglycemic.  The roof leaked in several spots causing black mold issues. Obviously, this was an unsafe environment for both Gary and Joanne as well as their daughter and her three children who were temporarily living with them.

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MSN Partners With Homes of Hope And Fluor Corporation

MSN has partnered with Homes of Hope, www.homesofhope.org, and Fluor Corporation, www.fluor.com, to project manage the building of two LoCAL homes in Greenville, SC. LoCAL is a traditional stick-built home available to poverty-level families with incomes of $1000 to $1300 per month. Click Here to check out how LoCAL housing solves the three most pressing problems for poverty-level families. Fluor has provided funding support as well as volunteer help to construct the homes.

According to KC Carter, Executive Director of MSN, “We are excited to team up with Homes of Hope who have built over 400 homes in the upstate and Fluor, one of the largest engineering firms in the world. This represents somewhat of a departure from our disaster recovery model and gives us a chance to help low income families trying to claw their way out of poverty. These homes will go to two families who have been through the Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network, GAIHN, www.gaihn.org, which makes it even more special.”

Don Oglesby, President/CEO of Homes of Hope, adds, “Our partnership with MSN is a perfect fit for the idea behind LoCAL Housing and all that it will accomplish in the lives of families escaping poverty. Their ministry mindset links arms with ours and provides a powerful combination of faith and mission.”

The two bedroom one bath homes, which were built simultaneously were completed in February.

LoCAL Homes


Disaster Recovery: Operation Destanee: Mission Accomplished

Amanda Scott, a recent Clemson graduate and fifth grade teacher at Blue Ridge Elementary in Seneca, and her five children were flooded out of their home on August 6, 2013. Thanks to the Red Cross and local churches they have been staying at local hotels in Seneca, SC. They had nowhere else to go and time was running out!

Local disaster response agencies and churches have cleaned out the home, removed the affected sheetrock and applied mold abatement. Now it is time to rebuild. The Scotts have no flood insurance. 

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Operation Angel: Mission Accomplished

Before reading further please Click Here to see Angel playing the fire damaged and waterlogged piano the day after the fire that destroyed her home. This is a piece she had been composing prior to the July 17, 2012 fire, started by a lightning strike,  that rendered Angel, her mom, dad and five siblings homeless. They literally lost everything but the clothes on their back. 

After the fire they spent 45 days at a camp in North Carolina. Since October 1, 2012 they have been living on site in a borrowed camper. The youngest son is sleeping in a shed on the property due to being too tall for the camper bed.  

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New Jersey Early Response: 


                                                                                                 Lovey Devaney 

Lovey and her roommate literally swam out of her Atlantic City home during the storm towing their two dogs on a life raft. That was a terrifying experience to say the least. Since the storm she found a hotel room paid for by FEMA. Her roommate moved on as well. When she met us at her home she was crying; and, as we circled up and began praying for her she openly wept.

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Operation Melvena: Mission Accomplished


                                                              Ms. Melvena Koury

We have been asked by John Merritt, Construction Coordinator, Economic Development for the City of Greenville, to partner with them on a home for 66 year old Ms. Melvena Koury at 106 Parkins Mill Rd. in Greenville. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2011, has since had a mastectomy and is currently on chemo from which she has numerous side effects. She is a single parent with a 25 year old daughter studying nursing at Greenville Tech while working full time. 

The City will be renovating the two bedroom one bath home. They have asked us to tear off the enclosed back porch and replace it with an enlarged new laundry room. This will allow her to move the washing machine out of the kitchen. 

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Operation Mary: Mission Accomplished


                                                             Ms. Mary Mansell

Ms. Mary Mansell is a 72 year old divorcee who raised two daughters as a single mom by working two jobs. That is until she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease, which causes tumors on the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. She had her first operation in June of 1996 to have her pituitary gland removed. That was followed by a series of 17 surgeries, the last of which, was June of 2006. Fortunately, the tumors were benign. However, due to complications from the surgeries she has not been able to work since ’96.  She has a lovely home in south Greenville that she had to mortgage to help pay medical expenses. After the mortgage payment she has only $650 per month to pay for food, utilities and medications. Over the years she has sold most of her furniture to help pay the medical bills.

The floors in her bathrooms are collapsing due to the shower leaking over the years and she does not have the resources to get them repaired. 

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Operation Derrick: Mission Accomplished


      Tight Bathroom          Derrick "Quicee" Aiken                          New Bathroom

Derrick “Quicee” Aiken is a 29 year old male, who has been blind from birth and has Cerebral Palsy. Quicee lives in a one story home with his mother, brother, and sister. Although he is able to use forearm crutches to move around, the current bathroom is much too narrow and Quicee is constantly bumping into the sink, which sticks out far from the wall. He also needs assistance getting into and out of the bath tub. This coupled with the fact that he will eventually be confined to a wheel chair has made it necessary to remodel the bathroom to make it ADA compliant complete with a wheelchair accessible shower.

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Operation Wanda Phase I: Mission Accomplished


                               Ms. Wanda Phillips               Fully-Functional Bathroom

Ms. Wanda Phillips is a 69 year old widow with numerous health issues. She depends on her Social Security check  and an SSI check for her total income per month.She has no children and had lived 16 years without hot water, three of which were without running water at all until her cousin paid to have another well drilled three years ago. She still had to have bottled water brought in to drink and cook with due to high levels of iron and sulfur in the new well water. Typically, she heated up water on her kerosene stove in order to take a sponge bath. Occasionally, she would go to her cousin’s home to take a real bath. That is until now (2/22/12).


Phase I of Operation Wanda is complete. The bathroom and expanded closet are trimmed out and fully functional with plenty of clean hot water. Due to replacement of the plumbing and installation of a whole house filter, she can even drink the water right out of the tap now.



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Operation Mattie:  Mission Accomplished


         Mrs. Mattie "Ma Nell" in front of her old home.                New Home, New Car, New Life

Mrs. Mattie Nell Hudson is a 74 yr. old widow. On Dec.18, 2004, an electrical fire caused extensive smoke and water damage to Mrs. Hudson’s home. When the power was disconnected as a result of the fire, she was homeless. To make matters worse two years earlier she had canceled her insurance to help pay for a surgery so she had no way to rebuild.

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